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France Travel News 10/29/2010

St Tropez: A French romance with India continues This ultra-chic town in southern France is the playground of the world's rich and famous. But very few, even in Saint Tropez, know about its centuries-old romance with India that began with a Himalayan princess and is now scripting a new tale […]

All Saint’s Day in France

La Toussaint, or All Saint’s Day, is celebrated across France on November 1 each year. The Catholic holiday honors all the saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. In honor of La Toussaint, November 1 is a jours férié, or a public holiday. If you are vacationing in France during […]

Halloween in France

The celebration of Halloween in France remains fairly controversial. Always resistant to being Americanized and often fiercely clinging to things traditionally French, many people here don’t understand why Halloween is celebrated and see it as another imposition of American culture on France. If you are looking to blend in on […]

France Travel News 10/21/2010

Japan battles France for Michelin’s best restaurants Japan is challenging France in terms of three-star restaurants. Factor in the 11 such awards in Tokyo last year and the current total for Japan is 23, compared with 26 in France. The next Tokyo guide is scheduled for November 24, and the […]

France Travel News 10/15/2010

French students protest over retirement reform French students blockaded more high schools and universities Thursday, as the third straight day of nationwide strikes over the government's retirement reforms snarled train travel and sent a renewed challenge to President Nicolas Sarkozy. France Bestows Legion Of Honor On Robert Redford French President […]

France Travel News 10/12/2010

Where Having It All Doesn’t Mean Having Equality Courtesy of the state, French women seem to have it all: multiple children, a job and, often, a figure to die for. What they don’t have is equality: France ranks 46th in the World Economic Forum’s 2010 gender equality report, trailing the […]