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Fascinating Tours of France

You may not be a fan of vacation packages and organized holiday tours. Heck, I wasn’t. But after doing some extensive research on the best France tours, and seeing just how sophisticated and downright interesting they are, I have to admit I’ve changed my mind. Check out these France tours […]

Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg

Amazing Castles in France [PHOTOS]

French castles are the all-in-one destination – you’ve got history, art, architecture, and nature (sometimes harnessed, sometimes savage). You can see a couple a day, or pack a picnic and choose one for a daylong trip. And there’s always plenty of room for the kids to run around. But although […]

Visiting Lourdes

While Lourdes is well known to millions of religious pilgrims, it’s often overlooked by secular travelers. But you don’t have to believe the story of the Marian apparition, or even be religious, to enjoy a trip to Lourdes. In case you don’t know the religious history of Lourdes, in 1858 […]

Our Lady of Lourdes


Side Trips from Bordeaux

Although Bordeaux is a popular destination, for many travelers it can seem just so darn far from everything (“everything” = Paris and Provence). And, although people do know about the city and oenophiles make the pilgrimage to the region’s yummiest vineyards, there’s a lot of “but what else is there […]