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A Hilarious Video About How Budget Airlines Really Work

Here at WhyGo France, we’re huge fans of train travel throughout France – especially the super-fast TGV trains. But if France is just one stop on your whirlwind tour of Europe, low-cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet, as well as the dozens of other budget flights available, can be an affordable alternative that still makes you feel like a jet-setter.
However, in recent years these budget airlines have started tacking on additional costs that turn bargain-basement ticket prices into a joke and make you wonder if there’s a “give over your first-born” option in the fine print.
Of the many ways that low-cost airlines cut down on their costs, two are particularly inconvenient to customers. First, they use airports that are less popular; for example, flying to Paris with Ryanair will leave you in Beauvais, about 40 miles outside of Paris, which can be a two-hour ride into the city if there’s traffic. Second, they depart at off-peak hours – really off-peak. It’s common to have a departure time of 5:45 AM, which, including travel and check-in time, well, don’t bother sleeping. And arrival times are often after public transportation in France has shut down for the night. Sorry, what was that about savings?
To get a better idea of how budget airlines really work, please enjoy this helpful, humorous lesson, courtesy of three very clever singers and one hilarious percussionist. (Note to the kiddies: there is some UK-style naughty slang in here!)

But don’t let low-cost hijinx stop you from visiting France. If you’re planning a trip, check out these helpful links!