Although Bordeaux is a popular destination, for many travelers it can seem just so darn far from everything (“everything” = Paris and Provence). And, although people do know about the city and oenophiles make the pilgrimage to the region’s yummiest vineyards, there’s a lot of “but what else is there […]

Side Trips from Bordeaux

Clermont-Ferrand: Yes, France Has Volcanoes
Other than Paris, it seems like the most popular destinations in France run along its borders – Normandy, Brittany, the South of France, and the Alps. But almost smack in the middle of France is the oft-overlooked Clermont-Ferrand, nestled there in the Massif Central. Let’s take a look at this […]

Clermont-Ferrand: Yes, France Has Volcanoes

If you’re thinking of taking a ferry from France to England or Ireland – or vice-versa – it’s a good idea to get there the night before, stay overnight and get a fresh start the next day. Also, it’s a great way to get in another city visit on your […]

Hotels Near France Ferry Ports

5 Places to Go in France in 2012
  France is kind of a dream place, is’nt? Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, a full-on yearly vacation or just a quick getaway, here are my top picks for the five best places in France to go. Ladies and gentlemen, start your (booking) engines! Best French Road Trip […]

5 Places to Go in France