Bungee Jumping – The Joy of Falling The heart-stopping story of bungee jumping in France – IN FRENCH. Conjoncture : La nouvelle vie des ampoules sur le Net Today marks the incandescent bulbs of 40 watts are officially withdrawn from sale in France. The planned withdrawal of such lamps began […]

France Travel News 08/31/2011

The Top 10 walking destinations around the world Includes Camino Frances/El Camino de Santiago St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Compostela, Spain More often than not, hiking entails high trees, rocks, poisonous plants, tents and the daunting task of cooking over a fire. If this sounds more like a […]

France Travel News 08/23/2011

French baker Jean-Louis Hecht created a baguette vending machine to provide 24 hour fresh-baked bread to Parisians (see a video of the machine). Installed in the beginning of the year, the machine dispensed 4,500 baguettes in July alone. So, these two dudes built an observation hutch type thing on a […]

France Travel News 08/18/2011

European Foie Gras Crisis Reaches Ministerial Level Sometimes you just have to trust that your government is willing to fight the good fight when comes to handling international crises. Take France and its production of foie gras — the not very humanely produced bird liver pate. The French take that […]

France Travel News 07/28/2011

Extreme seagull steals GoPro camera in Cannes, treats us to bird’s eye view Seagulls are annoying bird brained creatures – beach vagrants with a tendency to pilfer picnics and poop on heads. This seagull in Cannes, France goes one step further, making off with some electronics and filming his proud […]

France Travel News 06/26/2011

Air France 447 data recorder retrieved from the Atlantic With a news heavy weekend of royal weddings and Osama bin Laden’s death, the discovery of Air France 447’s data recorder 13,000 feet under the Atlantic was almost looked over. Original article on Galavanting: How France Became The #2 Market […]

France Travel News 05/03/2011

French desserts may be key to tasty end of Seder meals In her book and in a recent telephone interview, Nathan talks about the complex and diverse history of French Jews as well as French Jewish Passover traditions. Logically, there is no single French Jewish cuisine. "Regionalism is very strong […]

France Travel News 04/13/2011

Good value, low taxes still luring Brits to France With media reports seemingly multiplying daily of rising inflation, skyrocketing unemployment and no hope of securing a mortgage to get on the property ladder, it's little wonder Brits are returning to that much-prized dream of chucking it all in and moving […]

France Travel News 03/28/2011

Michelin Announces France’s Best Restaurants One restaurant loses its third star and five — including three in Paris — gain a second in the 2011 Michelin guide to France. A total of 601 win a Bib Gourmand for value, overtaking the 571 star holders for the first time. The two-star […]

France Travel News 03/21/2011

What is a Bergamot? During citrus season in France, if you’re lucky, you’ll run across something called a bergamot. They’re not brilliant yellow like regular lemons, but a sort of orangey color, and when split open, they’re quite juicy and the flavor is much sweeter than regular lemons. In fact, […]

France Travel News 03/06/2011