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Cheap Hotels Near Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is… awesome. In the true sense of the word. It’s almost hard to look at; there’s nothing around it to give it scale, and your mind cannot comprehend that it’s not CGI, actual people built that without, like, cranes or technology. It’s simply magnificent.
It can be “done” on the way to or from towns in the area. In fact, I did this very thing not too long ago. But visiting Mont Saint-Michel left me wanting more. I wanted to see it at night, and at dawn. I wanted to see the tide come in, and then go out again. I wanted not only to take the tour of the island; I wanted to explore the area around it as well.
All this is to say that you may want to think about staying on the island that is home to Mont St-Michel, or at least near it enough to get there and spend as much time as you’d like. Below is a map of accommodations in the area. Have at it!
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