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Discount Cards in Lyon

Discount Cards in Lyon
Discount cards can be a lifesaver for a budget traveler. And because they tend to offer deals for things that aren’t on everyone’s “must-see” list, it also can yield some surprising experiences. The discount pass for Lyon, called the City Card, definitely falls into this category – and then some. Here’s what the Lyon City Card includes:

FREE admission to 21 museums, including temporary exhibitions

  • And these aren’t the dusty old halls, either. In addition to all of Lyon’s major art museums, there’s also the Lumière Cinema Institute (the Lumière brothers hail from Lyon), the Automobile Museum, and the Urban Museum, each of which are worth a visit even at full price.

You also get FREE admission/access to:

  • The “Soierie Vivante” Association silk workshops
  • MP3 self-audioguided tour
  • Private guided tour of the entire city
  • Rooftop tour of the Fourvière basilica (awesome!)
  • Summertime river cruises

DISCOUNTS include:

  • Bus and bike tours
  • Opera and theater tickets
  • More than 200 stores, including – foodies, I hope you’re sitting down – the Paul Bocuse food market. I know.

And as if that wasn’t enough, with the pass you can ride all mass transit for FREE (which you’ll need to do, because Lyon is enormous). I mean, come on. That’s a deal.
They’re sold for 1,2 or 3 days, priced between €21-41, include discounted prices for seniors, students and children, and are available at the Tourist Office at Place Bellecour (you can’t miss it) or at most major hotels. If you’re going to be in Lyon for any length of time and want a fantastic excuse to explore the city on the cheap, this is it. Visit the Lyon City Card site for more information. And if you’re looking for more info on visiting Lyon, here you go!

Photo: romainguy