Embassies in France

If you are in France looking for your the French Embassy for your country, it probably means something has gone wrong during your travels. However, embassies are a great resource for their citizens traveling abroad, and can help you with everything from avoiding pickpockets to replacing a lost or stolen passport.

The United States has several embassies and consulates throughout France, though U.S. citizens looking to replace lost, stolen or mutilated passports must visit either the U.S. Embassy in Paris or the Consulate General in Marseille.

Lost/Stolen Passports

The number one reason citizens will visit their country’s embassy is in the event of a lost, stolen or mutilated passport. In this case you have two options:

  1. If you have an imminent departure, the embassy can issue you an emergency passport for your return flight home. You must bring proof of your flight for this option.
  2. If your departure date is more than two weeks away, you can get a permanent replacement passport.

You must show up IN PERSON at your country’s embassy in Paris or the Consulate General in Marseille with all forms of possible identification (state-issued identification, copy of lost or stolen passport, birth certificate, Social Security card) and a police report concerning the lost or stolen passport.





A visa is necessary when traveling to France for more than 90 days. For trips less than 90 days, a passport (and proof of return ticket home) will let you into the country. If your stay in France will exceed 90 days, you will be need to get a visa. Check with your native country’s French Embassy for visa requirements.

More Detailed Information on Embassies in Paris and Consulates Throughout France

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