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Eurolines Bus Stations in France

eurolinesbusTraveling on a budget around France often means buying a second class ticket on the trains in France – but if you’re traveling on a budget through other countries Europe in addition to France you have another option, too: Eurolines buses. They’re not as fast as taking a train or flying from one city to another, but it’s just about the cheapest way you can get from country to country in Europe.
While you can’t take a Eurolines bus from one city to another in France (or in any country, for that matter – they’re meant to get you from country to country), there are Eurolines stations throughout France. This means that you don’t have to be in a big city in France in order to hop on a Eurolines bus destined for another European city in another country.
Not all of these stations will have service to every other Eurolines station in Europe – so you’ll need to find out what routes connect with each city depending on the one you’re in or closest to. But here are the addresses of the Eurolines stations in France so you can find the nearest one and ask them directly.

Eurolines Stations in France

Agen – Autoroute A62, esplanade péage nr. 7
Aix en Provence – (bus station) Avenue de l’Europe, Stop 10, next to Hotel de Police
Angers – (bus station) station B, Esplanade de la Gare
Avignon – (bus station) 58 Boulevard Saint Roch
Bordeaux – Rue Terres the Bordes, Stop TB “Terres the Bordes’ (on the Belcier side of Saint Jean station)
Chamonix – (train station) Coach park, Eurolines bus stop
Chalon-sur-Saône – (train station) Opposite station, Intercity bus stop next to Hotel St. Georges
Dijon (two) – (train station) Dijon Ville, Bus, Cour de la Gare, stop 11 and Eurolines, 53 rue Guillaume Tell
Grenoble – (bus station) Next to train station, Eurolines stop, stop 1 or 2
Lille (two) – Boulevard de Leeds, Lille Europe Metro, Bus stop opposite the Hotel Crowne and Eurolines, Parvis St Maurice 23
Lyon – (bus station) Centre d’échanges de Lyon Perrache, Level 1, Departures A – Lignes Internationales
Marseille (two) – (bus station) Pôle multimodal Saint Charles, Rue Honnorat and 3 Allee Leon Gambeta 3
Metz – (bus station) Avenue de l’Amphitheatre, towards “Les Arènes”, Stop 17
Montpellier (two) – Avenue du Colonel Pavelet, Sabine Tram Stop 2 and Eurolines, 8 Rue de Verdin
Mulhouse – (train station) Bus Station, Avenue du General Leclerc, Jules Ehrmann bridge corner, bus stop 52
Nancy (two) – Bus parking Porte Sainte Catherine, corner Ste Catherine Quai / Rue Herve Bazin, Tramhalte “Division de Fer ou St Georges” and Eurolines, rue de la Visitation
Nantes – (bus station) Baco, Allee Maison Rouge
Nîmes – (bus station) Parvis Sud, St Felicite
Niort – Autoroute A83, Echangeur (exit) 11, Niort Est
Paris (three) – (bus station) International Bus Station Galliéni (Gare Routière Internationale de Paris) – 28 Avenue du Général de Gaulle – 93170 Bagnolet (just outside central Paris) and Charles de Gaulle Eurolines station: Terminal 2E-2F – Gate 5 of Gallery – Level 0, exit 0.09 and Disneyland Paris Eurolines station: Disneyland resort coach station
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Perpignan – (train station) coach park opposite the Hotel Paris Barcelone
Poitiers – (bus station) S / Centre de Congrès Gare next SNFC, Boulevard du Grand Cerf 52
Reims – (train station) Rue Pingat, exit “Claire Marais” for STDM bus, Line Y, stop Gare SNCF
Rennes (two) – (bus station) Boulevard Solferino, next to Gare SNCF and – Eurolines, 37 Avenue Janvier
Saintes – (bus station) Cours Reverseaux
Strasbourg (two) – Rue du Marechal Lefebvre S, Eurolines bus stop (opposite Citroen garage) and Eurolines, 6d Place d’Austerlitz
Toulon – (bus station) Toulon, Boulevard de Tesse, Stop 24
Toulouse – (bus station) 68 Boulevard Pierre Sémard (next to the Gare SNCF train station)
Tours (two) – Bus parking Des Peupliers, Rue Edouard Vaillant (± 800 m from Gare SNCF train station) and Eurolines, 76 Rue Bernard Palissy
Valence – (bus station) Stop 16, 48 Rue Denis Papin
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photo by szerenka