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France 3-Day Itinerary: Brittany

There are so many fantastic day trips from Paris, and even overnight trips to almost anywhere from Paris are completely doable. However, the Brittany region is not one of them. If you’ve got a yen to visit Brittany – and if you don’t, check your pulse – you’re going to need three days to make sure you’ve got enough time.
Why is that? Take a look at this map of France:
France 3-Day Itinerary: Brittany
Brittany hangs way out in western France. WAY out. Far past Greenwich Mean Time (which means that, still in the CET+1 time zone, there are some seriously late sunsets). And although it’s about the same TGV train time as a trip to, say, Nice, unlike in other parts of France, once you’re in Brittany you’re not getting anywhere else anytime soon.
>>Learn more about getting to Brittany.
However, that doesn’t mean it’s the back of beyond. You could easily spend your entire vacation in Brittany and still not experience everything. But, three days will give you a refreshing change from Paris and the feeling that you’ve actually had two vacations in one!

Three-Day Itinerary For Brittany

France 3-Day Itinerary: Brittany
In the French Riviera you’ve got the beaches; in the Loire Valley it’s all about the castles; Provence‘s villages are a must-see. But Brittany is a unique region in that there’s not one thing you “have to” do there. With the exception of maybe, like, skiing, and depending on what time of year you go, Brittany is a region where you can indulge your interests. And what those interests are will dictate where you spend the majority of your time.
So, with that in mind, check out the top 10 things to do in Brittany, and then based on what you decide, go here to book your Brittany-area hotel(s).
To go a bit more in-depth, read these things you should know about Brittany. And to figure out the logistics of your trip, here are your transportation options for traveling to Brittany. For specific towns, here are more detailed directions:

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