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Getting From Nice to Cannes

Nice to Cannes

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Hollywood executives will tell you that the best way to get to Cannes is to make a heartbreaking film of love and loss. But really, getting to Cannes couldn’t be easier – especially if you’re coming from Nice. Trains leave from Nice’s St. Augustin or Nice Ville train stations throughout the day and night, take about a half hour and cost €5-8 one way. Sorted! And look, here’s a handy-dandy train reservation tool that can help you book your tickets!
I guess the question would be, though, is why would you be staying in Nice if you really wanted to go to Cannes? Well, it depends on when you’re visiting the area. If you’re here in the winter, then you’d probably want to stay in Nice as it’s more of an open-all-year-round kind of city. Also, it makes a great base for visiting lots of other places around France, as it’s a major TGV hub – and there are trains to Italy and Switzerland as well.
If you’re down south because you want to check out the scene at the Cannes Film Festival, then you REALLY want to stay in Nice. Cannes is just way too packed, expensive and crazy to last more than a day there without pulling your hair out.
If you insist, though, here are a bunch of great posts that will tell you all you need to know about planning a trip to Cannes:

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And finally, here’s a fun video about Cannes from our friend Johnny Jet. Enjoy!

Photo: Hiroyuki Nakano