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Getting from Nice to Monaco [Monte Carlo]

Are you visiting the South of France, and want to cross another country off your list? Do you have too much disposable income, and want to gamble it away? Is Nice simply not glamorous enough for you? Then, my dear, you need to know how to get from Nice to Monte Carlo, Monaco.

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To get from Nice to Monte Carlo by train, you can go either to Nice Ville or Nice Riquier train station. Nice Riquier is your best bet, because there’s a train like every 15 minutes. It takes a little under 20 minutes and costs €3.
You should note that at Nice Ville, you’re going to look for trains going to Ventimiglia, Italy (spelled Vintimille in French). Another note is that from Nice Ville, the trains are super cool. The entry doors are flush with the track platform, so there’s no hauling your butt up the steep steps of the older trains. Their seating is meant to accommodate groups, and have great views of the jaw-dropping scenery along the way. And there is plenty of room for your bikes, if you’re cycling around the region.
James Bond fan? Then you absolutely MUST go by helicopter, darling. Yes, this is actually an option, so I’m just throwing it out there for you. Turn up your speakers and get a load of this crazy site, which gives you all the info you need to book your trip and an idea of just what you’re in for. If I had some money to burn (it’s €210), I would TOTALLY DO THIS. The view must be ridiculous.
Driving from Nice to Monte Carlo is a dream for so many reasons. First of all, if you’re prone to getting lost, this is the route for you because you’re either traveling toward Monaco or you’re in the sea. Those are your choices. For those who desperately miss watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, there are plenty of swanky villas and mansions to gawk at. And you’d have to be heartless not to be absolutely blown away from the view. Just take the D6098 until yours is the only car on the road that’s not worth over $100K, and you’re there.
And speaking of “you’re there,” here are some quick hotel searches for:
Monte Carlo

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