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Getting from the Nice Airport to Nice City Center

Here is some quick information on how to get to Nice city center from the Nice airport. It’s not far at all, and it’s not a hassle.
The thing you need to know is – and this will be obvious once you’re actually in Nice – is that it is a straight shot from the airport, which sits on a promontory in the sea, to Nice proper, via the beachside road. This makes it super-easy to take public transportation; it isn’t like they’re going to wind their way through the hills or anything, and you won’t need a Spidey-sense of direction. It’s Nice on one side of the bus, and the sea on the other.
Another reason why this is good to know is that if you’re heading to or from the airport in off-hours, you could take a taxi. It costs about 25 euro, which would include a baggage fee and tip. If there’s a lot of traffic, though, a taxi is not your best bet as you’ll be paying to sit in traffic.
The bus line is called the Lignes d’Azur, and it’s the network for the whole area. When you exit the airport from the Arrivals section, you’ll come out onto the bus stops for this and other lines, right across the way. You can take either bus 98 or 99 to get into the city center. It makes several stops along the Promenade des Anglais, then turns at the park at the end of the road and heads further into the city.
If you’re catching a train at Nice Ville (the main train station), take 99. For Nice Riquier (the more local station), take 98. It costs €4 (which includes a 1-day pass on the Lignes d’Azur network for that day).
If you’re not sure where you’re staying yet, take the 99 bus to Nice Ville station, where there is a bag check, dump your bags, and use your bus day pass to scoot around and find a place.
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