Hotels in France

hotel roomAs the most visited country in the world, it is no wonder there are about as many different choices for hotels in France as there are types of cheese. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a boutique hotel with a lot of character, a bed and breakfast or a no-frills cheap hotel, France certainly has a wide range of options within each of these categories.

Peak Season in France

It’s pretty obvious that hotels are going to cost you a lot more when there is a lot of demand for rooms; and in Europe, those are the summer months. Because most cities and resorts have high season and low season, it’s quite easy to save money if you decide to travel during the off season.
Autumn is generally off season in France. If you want to go skiing in France, prices at Alpine ski resorts like Chamonix are at their lowest right before Christmas; that’s because the snow is not guaranteed. Another off season in the mountains is March and April.
Spring, however, is peak season for visiting Paris. The weather in France is warmer than in other parts of Europe, and prices are affordable. Summer is peak season on French Riviera. Winter holidays are quite popular in the cities, so expect some high prices around Christmas and New Year’s.




Hotel Prices in France

Practically, the closer you are to the tourist attractions, the higher the prices will be. But with a great transportation system in most French cities, it’s easy to choose a hotel located further from the attractions, hence saving money on accommodation, and taking the metro or tram to the center of the town.
Booking in advance doesn’t guarantee lower prices, but as the peak season approaches it will be harder to find available rooms.
In the center of Paris (1st arrondissement), for a double room in a 2-star hotel expect to pay at least €100 per night. In the same district, a double room in a 4-star hotel can cost up to €300 per night. If you decide to stay in a 2-star hotel in other arrondissements in the city, prices are lower and you will pay about €80 per night per double room.
If you are heading for the French Riviera during summer and want to stay in Nice, for a double room in a 2-star hotel you’ll pay about €100 per night, while for a double room in a 4-star hotel you’ll pay at least €200. Contrary to what many people would think, Nice is not that expensive when it comes to accommodation in the the off season – and the off season is longer than you think, going from early in September right on through April and sometimes even early May. You can easily find accommodation at €70 per room per night in a double room, in a 2-star hotel or better. (Check out our info on the best hostels in Nice, too!)
If you’re looking for something cheaper, off the beaten path or more authentic, take a look at our Accommodations in France overview page, or read about bed and breakfasts and hostels in France.

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