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How to Get from Paris to the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach

how to get from paris to american wwii cemetery omaha beach
OK. Here’s the thing. There is no easy, direct way to get to the WWII American Cemetery & Memorial at Omaha Beach. It’s on a cliff overlooking the English Channel, in a little non-town called Colleville-sur-Mer. So, I don’t usually say this about France, but: it’s probably best to rent a car in Paris and drive out there, especially if it’s the only thing you want to see, and if you want to do it as a day trip. Otherwise, it’s going to be an enormous hassle.
That being said, it is doable. Here’s a map of the trip:

map paris to american ww2 cemetery omaha beach normandy

You should follow these directions from Paris to Bayeux. Then from Bayeux, take the D6 to the D514 and follow the signs. Here’s a map of that leg of the journey:
map bayeux to ww2 cemetery omaha beach
As you can see, it’s not too confusing – France road signs are well-marked – but this area of France is seriously rural, and they’re not big on public transportation down these little roads lined with fields and cows.
That being said? Technically, yes, you can get there without driving – a thought that I know strikes terror in the hearts of many. You want to take the train to Bayeux, and then a bus from the train station that, according to almost everyone, doesn’t run often and will have you checking your watch every 5 minutes to make sure you don’t get stuck out at the cemetery.
There are also usually taxis at the stand directly outside of the Bayeux train station, and they’re happy to take you. The trip is about 30 euros, which isn’t bad if it’s split between a group. If there’s not a taxi there, you can call one:, although note that the meter starts running from the time you call, not from the time he picks you up. You can also call again from the cemetery to take you back.
However. All that being said? I can’t impress upon you enough how worth it this trip is. It’s curated perfectly, and emotionally overwhelming, and a definite must at least for every American, if not for all who visit France.