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Indie Trips that Include France

Planning a trip around the world requires a lot of decision making on your part, tops being where you’re going to go.

Making decisions and prioritizing is a difficult part of the panning process, so we put together 3 multi-stop trips that include France in the itinerary.

We used Indie, BootsnAll’s multi-country flight finder, to search for various routes, from trips that completely circumnavigate the globe to some shorter jaunts through one or two regions of the world.

The great thing about Indie is that you can completely customize all routes below. Don’t live where the trip originates? No problem. Just change the originating city and search again. You’ll get a price within minutes with the click of your mouse. Need to change the dates around? Go ahead. Want to add or subtract a few locations? Do it!

This trip originates in New York and flies into Marseilles before traveling overland to Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen, then back to New York. A pretty cool one-month jaunt through Europe.

Take off from Miami and head to Marrakech to explore Morocco. Then fly to Barcelona, travel overland to Paris, then off to Warsaw, then Athens, before flying back to Miami.

Thinking of something bigger than the first two? Check out this trip that completely circumnavigates the globe. Start in Los Angeles, then to Bangkok, Delhi, Paris, Toronto, and Denver. A great round the world adventure!

Photo credits: Jorge Royan