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Sexy French Footballers

italymenBefore you start drafting an email to inform me that those foxy men in the picture to the right are Italian and not French, I know this already. Unfortunately a French designer has yet to get the French footballers to take their clothes off in the name of fashion (I’m currently working on writing a proposal to Yves Saint Laurent to try to make this happen), so the Italian men will serve as an appetizer of sorts before you get to pictures of the hottest French soccer players below. (If you are finding yourself wanting to check out more hot Italian soccer players, I highly encourage you to take a look at BootsnAll’s Italy writer Jessica’s posts: 10 Hottest Italian Footballers and Hottest Italian Soccer Players, Part II).

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am not a soccer fan. But this does not mean I am not a fan of the hot men who play the sport. I like them just fine.

I previously did a post on some of the hottest French WAGs (wives and girlfriends of French soccer players), but looking at the beautiful women these soccer players date did more to bruise my ego than anything else–which is why I decided I should do a post on the hottest French footballers themselves.

I’ve had a crush on the beloved Zizou for years (French soccer player Zedine Zidane), but I certainly needed more than one beautiful man on my list. This started me on a not entirely unpleasant hunt for other smokin’ hot French players (and left a pool of drool at my desk). It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Yoann Gourcuff

It doesn’t take more than a brief glance to see why this attacking midfielder playing for Bordeaux made the list. I mean, just look at him. He’s gorgeous. This young player (he’s only 22 years old) is definitely up and coming, though he has played for several big name European teams already in his early career (Valencia CF, Arsenal, AC Milan and Bordeaux). Gourcuff also made his debut for the France national team (Les Bleus) in 2008.

Along with being pretty good at scoring goals, Gourcuff also has a thing about liking to strip at games and run around in his underwear—a habit I wholeheartedly support him continuing.



Photo Credits: Gourcuff1, Gourcuff2, Gourcuff3

Patrice Evra

This French international footballer is the son of a diplomat who was born in Senegal and currently plays for Manchester United in the U.K. Evra spent his youth playing as a striker for the Paris Saint-Germain’s youth system and the French are lucky to have this player on their national team. At 27 years old, this left back and winger has played at many prominent clubs across the EU. While I am a personal fan of Evra’s abs, soccer fans know him for his incredible speed and agility, often comparing him to a gazelle.


Photo Credits: MrsXabi

Florent Malouda

I may have dated a guy bearing the same first name as this next player on the list, but I can assure you that his abs paled in comparison to the six pack this French winger/second striker bears. Actually born on the other side of the Atlantic, Malouda was born in French Guiana, though today he plays for Chelsea in the Premier League and is France National team member. The 28-year-old soccer star first made his appearance on the French national team in 2004 and first gained attention after playing with Les Bleus during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. A sought after player across the E.U., if his washboard stomach doesn’t do it for you, maybe the estimated £13.5 million he got to play with Chelsea will.


Photo Credits: Malouda1, Malouda2

Bixente Lizarazu

This surfing soccer legend from Saint-Jean-de-Luz in Basque country (one of the best beaches in France) actually has an entire stadium named after him in the French Basque country. While I would personally assume this honor was given to him for his surfer/bad boy good looks, it probably has more to do with the fact that he’s one of the most celebrated French football stars of all time. Widely considered as one of the greatest left backs of all time, Lizarazu (who is known affectionately as “Liza”) was a long time French national team star who announced his retirement just four days after foxy former teammate Zedine Zidane back in 2006 and today he remains the most decorated French player in history. Oh, and he looks really good without his shirt on. I’d let him give me surfing lessons anytime.



Photo Credits: Lizarazu

Zinedine Zidane

The famed and celebrated Zizou is probably one of France’s most loved and recognized French players, though in recent years he may be just as known for the famous head butt during a match with Italy back in the 2006 World Cup Final. A midfielder originally hailing from Marseille, Zizou is of Algerian decent. Zidane is one of only two three-time FIFA World Player of the Year winners and was a long time star on the French national team. Although Zidane retired from soccer in 2006, he remains a hugely popular figure in France (which I am assuming has half to do with the soccer and half to do with the fact that he’s totally gorgeous).



Photo Credits: Zidane1, Zidane2, Zidane3

Thierry Henry

This 31 year-old French striker may currently be nice enough to share his good looks with Spain as he plays for Barcelona, but he has been a long time star on the French national team as well. Henry grew up in a tough suburb outside of Paris, where he played for a variety of youth teams and showed promise as an excellent goal scorer early in his career. In 2007, Henry also became France’s top goal-scorer of all time—and his good looks and personality have made him extremely marketable. Henry’s abs of steel and big smile have been featured in ads for big companies like Nike, Reebok, Renault and Gillette.




Photo Credits: Thierry1, Thierry2, Thierry3

Ronald Zubar

This up and coming French star hails from the island of Guadeloupe, where warm Caribbean waters and lots of tropical fruit must have been very good to him growing up. Currently playing fro Olympique de Marseille, Zubar first gained recognition when he represented France in the Under 21 stage. The 23-year old defender is more than just easy on the eyes, however, as he has been gaining increasing clout and many think this handsome French islander could be an upcoming future star in French football. More screen time for this fox sure would be ok with me. The only problem with Zubar’s islander good looks is the fact there are not enough shirtless pictures of him floating around yet. Maybe he needs to follow Gourcuff’s lead and learn to love the post game underwear victory lap.



Photo Credits: Zubar

Djibril Cissé

This French striker may love to wear velvet crush pants and sport blond Mohawks, but he looks pretty good while doing it. Born in Arles, but of Ivorian descent, this 27 year-old French player currently plays for Marseille. Cissé comes from good football playing stock, as his father was formerly a professional footballer who captained his country’s team in the Ivory Coast. While he may make the headlines for his outrageous style and recent high-profile wedding, he first made his name in the football world in the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship, when he led France to a quarter final finish in the tournament and scored six goals over the five games. Oh, and if you can get past the tattoos and wild hair, he doesn’t look so bad without clothes on. I’m also giving him bonus points for his ability to spawn a child that beautiful.



Photo Credits: Cisse

Philippe Mexes

Although this French back hails from Toulouse, he’s been playing fro AS Roma so long the Italians almost think of him as one of their own. Unfortunately Mexes has not taken up the Italian pastime of taking off his clothes, as most of the pictures of this foxy blond player are clothed. However, this 26-year old center back has been gaining increased attention as an integral member of the Rome team. I just wish he’d follow Gourcuff’s lead and take his clothes off more often.




Photo Credits: Mexes1, Mexes2