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Skiing in France

Les 2 AlpesSkiing in France is a dream for most travelers addicted to this popular winter sport. From the Alps to the Pyrénées, French ski resorts offers superb views, great accommodation and nice skiing conditions.

France Peak Ski Season

Obviously, winter is peak season for skiing. Both Alps and Pyrénées resorts are crowded from December to March, and sometimes even through April if conditions permit.
If you want to pay less to get your ski on, you should consider going to the mountains right before Christmas. However, that might mean a lack of snow and very low temperatures. Peak prices are to be found between Christmas and New Year’s, and during the February mid-term vacation.


It’s impossible to list all the French ski resorts, but below are some of the most popular. SkiFrance is a great site that has a fuller list of 102 French ski resorts.
Alpe d’Huez is probably the most well known French ski resort. Perched above Oisans Valley, the resort is famous for the long hours of sunshine, extensive ski area and excellent lift system. A lot of activities and great accommodations make it very popular among skiers.
Chamonix is an experts’ resort, but also very popular. Although there are intermediate tracks, most skiers come here for the off-track skiing. Also, Chamonix is a bit hard to navigate so renting a car is a must.
Les Deux Alpes has a pretty good snow record and you also get to visit a glacier! There are tracks for everyone, and navigating the resort is a snap. There will be a lift close by, no matter where you are. It’s one of the resorts ideal for families.