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Technology to the Rescue: Paris iPhone Apps and Planning Your Vacation

paris-eiffel-towerI admit I’m addicted to my smart phone. It’s my “rescue gear” when I leave my laptop at home. It’s my friend when I am lost and my best mate when I need to check my emails or gather the gang for a drink in town.
And my beloved smart phone didn’t let me down when I traveled either. With the increased popularity of the iPhone, no wonder many travelers have fallen in love with it and the powerful doors it opens. It can replace a guidebook, a map and double as a pocket dictionary.
Planning a vacation in Paris this summer? Of course, your first worry will be the budget and scoring the cheap airfare to Paris . As a savvy traveler you already know to fly during the weekdays and book your ticket ahead of time. Plus, we know you are checking the deals from your favorite airline, just in case they offer an awesome fare to the City of Lights.
Your next worry is looking for a cheap hotel in Paris . France’s capital is not exactly a budget destination and most of us dream of a room with the view of the Eiffel Tower (I blame Carrie Bradshaw for this dream. Sorry!). However, patience is the key when looking for a cheap place to stay in Paris. And probably redefining the idea of…cheap. Expect to pay about €60 per night for a double in a two-star hotel located 10-12 minutes by metro from the Champs Elysees. The closer to the center you want to stay, the more expensive the room will be. A night in a double room in a one star hotel right by the church of the Sacre-Coeur at Montmartre costs €74. And bare in mind these are discounted rates.
Now that you’ve got those set up it’s time to look at the multitude of Paris iPhone apps . You’ll need a travel guide and map and an English to French phrasebook. These are the practical things. You probably should consider a food app as well.